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W72 - Windows Mobile 6.5

Сообщение Ответ:#1 » gabib77 » 23 фев 2012, 16:19

Afriend gave a Chinese MFU W72 (aka W1-GPS)... The pocketPC is working great, but both SIM's is "Radio-OFF"...
It says "SIM is OFF" and when I'm trying to turn it ON, after 20 sec of waiting, nothing happened

I was trying to update firmware using http://www.solonomi.com/news/how-do-i-flash-the-w72/ but without any success, with all 3 combiantions:

1. When i press the volume up+power it just open windows.
2. When i press volume DOWN+power then it goes to a screen showing "Downloading" and doing nothing with IDT on.
3. When i press volume UP+DOWN+power it goes to upgrading mode (using the bin renamed to k3img.bin to the root of the SDCard)... in where its says "read image file...", "beginning to check crc of file:" 100%-OK, then "Begin to update AP image:" 100%-OK, then "Begin to update CP image:" it says "Step 4 error while updating: CP is error: MDM load error." :(

I used both XP and Win7 (activesync and WDMC). With or without activesync. But still nothing. The IDT (which is opened and managed weel) does do anything than "checkin the phone". Please some help. What i am making wrong

The only chance is to try another firmware, but I didn't find any elsewhere

I there any chance to upgrade, on this "gadget", only RADIO firmware...

Can someone else help me with any other idea like it says here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Chinese_Clones_MTK6516 ?

For the moment I refuse to think it's a hardware problem

PS: This type of Chinese gadget loose IMEI if you choose "reset to factory settings" ?

LE: Additional infos: I'm guessing I have some problem with radio firmware, when I choose "Device Information" appears this:

ROM Version: 02.010.6 CHS
ROM Date 4/30/2010
Radio Version: The phone had been closed. Please restart (the message is the same even I restarted the phone)
Protocol Version: DV 3.0
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