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N7100 NOTE2 MTK 6577

СообщениеДобавлено: 21 апр 2013, 13:38
Hi all, I have a question I need help with root on this phone:
Does anyone have any idea how to do it, I looked everywhere, but some instructions it is not the point, I'm doing a mistake somewhere, I'm completely clueless.

It's a Chinese copy NOTE 2 CLONE phone model: e1901_v77_jdt1_9p017_fwvga
brand_: alps
hardware CPU: MTK6577
CPU model: dual-core ARMv7 processor
android version: 4.1.1
build number: e1901_v77_jdt1_9p017_fwvga_20130115
kernel: Linux version 3.4.0 (root @ abc123-descop)
(gcc version 4.6.x-google 20,120,106 (PREleas) (GCC)) # 1SMP preempt Tue Jan 15 10:27:23 CT 2013
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furthermore friend wanted to make flash on this phone, but failed, now is mrtvýuž not even turn on, you do not know how to bring it to life? Thank you all for your advice

plz help.my alps N7100 dead

СообщениеДобавлено: 27 ноя 2013, 13:57
Hi guys :ny_tik:
i have an alps N7100 (e1901_v77_jdt1_9p017_fwvga )
512 mb ram
2 gig rom
5'5 inch
I clicked format whole flash in sp flashtools and now my phone can't load.and turn on.or even identify by my pc.before i could install mtk56XX driver and use sp flash tools but now the phone can't connect to the pc.
when i connect the usb cable it shows nothing.actually i searched all of the android forums but couldnt solve my problem.

plz help me.i'm very depressed :ny_tik:
thanks every one :cry_ing: :cry_ing:

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No one can help me? :-(