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Сообщение Ответ:#1 » drhobbot » 14 апр 2011, 07:32

Хочу заказать в этом магазине
Pierre Cardin Tablet PC819
С русской клавиатурой конечно же.

Вопросов несколько.

1. Интересует репутация этого магазина.
2. Может, кто подскажет у кого можно приобрести эту же цацку с более быстрой доставкой.
3. Да и по самой цацке, подскажите, стоящая ли вещь?
И это пройдет.
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Re: Кто подскажет, какая репутация у магазина?

Сообщение Ответ:#2 » leeroy » 03 сен 2011, 06:51


По поводу впечатления отличные. Заказывал там девайс, все прошло гладко...

По поводу вашего девайса вот отзыв от человека который заказывал в этом же магазине ваш планшет:
"I use nearly 1 year and find practical for mobile needs. Use it mostly for processing and listening to recorded music when in travel. Also storing and viewing photos. Works good with text processors. Not tried more. High quality materials, bussiness look,. quite long operation - some models contain bigger battery, Mine works even 6 to 7 hours without saving mode. when no USB card or HD is connected. Power of processor is good for single loading task. Noone should expect to connect HD camera in HD mode. But works quick when not in power saving mode and starts in about 30 s. Touch screen is beautifull with cristall image and convinent. - it is main advantage Screen is small and to operate better tu use stored pen ( could have a strip) . . Not heavy, handy and looking not too fragile makes comfortable feel. Screen keyboard is included + hardware keyboard is safe to liquids, dust, sensitive AND "IS".. So keeping in hand doesn't upset about easy damage (no hinches!). Two USB is enough for limited use - anyway it's not server. All is simply reasonable. Optional external DVD is must. If I would loose mine I'd like to have the same.."
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