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Сообщение Ответ:#1 » salvarane » 18 авг 2011, 04:38

Dear friends,

First of all I apologize if it is not the right place

I have a smartphone made Chine, down slot battery I read this ID model : A3QR.

Before making any changes, I performed all this steps :

I Bkuped this partition

dev: size erasesize name
mtd0: 00020000 00020000 "preloader"
mtd1: 00300000 00020000 "nvram"
mtd2: 00020000 00020000 "seccnfg"
mtd3: 00060000 00020000 "uboot"
mtd4: 00400000 00020000 "boot"
mtd5: 00400000 00020000 "recovery"
mtd6: 00120000 00020000 "secstatic"
mtd7: 00060000 00020000 "misc"
mtd8: 0a000000 00020000 "system"
mtd9: 03c00000 00020000 "cache"
mtd10: 00300000 00020000 "logo"
mtd11: 000a0000 00020000 "expdb"
mtd12: 11340000 00020000 "userdata"

with this commands

dd if=/dev/block/mtd0 of=/mnt/sdcard/preloader.bin

How I can reconstruct the whole packet from these images of bkup ?

From the site, I followed some posts and I tested they, unfortunately does not work from the model phone A3QR :

The smartphone have two slot for sim card, TV, radio, GPS and a sensor for movements.

My proble is that I rewrited the partition /dev/block/mtd.. booting.img, in an attempt to load a kernel compiled by me.

Now the phone when I turn it on, remains fixed on the classical image, the word Android reversed.

Surfing in the forum, I found this package, Android_2.2.1_for_K8181.rar and I unzipped and take the file from the folder
10HX5_WVGA_ANDROID2.2, after, I copied the archive to the root of the sdcard, I turned off the phone. I turned again the phone to on, pushing the power button + volume+ for 5 second, I entered in the menu, bootloader :

I selected the option

All ok the process is terminated with the words

-- Install from sdcard..
Installing update...
Install from sdcard complete.

When I reboot the phone, after that the process booting was loaded the word android, the screen had a white color and shaking, after some seconds the phone reboot alone, and again entered into the menu recovery.

If someone from this forum, could help me to fix this problems, I would be grateful.

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помогите найти прошивку на HTC A4 или A3QR

Сообщение Ответ:#2 » ilya0404 » 24 янв 2012, 16:01

помогите найти прошивку на HTC A4 или A3QR
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