Rom Update + Custom recovery + ROM for B63M

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Rom Update + Custom recovery + ROM for B63M

Сообщение Ответ:#1 » fpm_paolo » 31 дек 2011, 15:06

Hello people. Could you please help me ?
I bought a B63M mobile and I would like to backup the ROM and rooting the mobile but unfortunately I don't understand russian.
Can you help me? I know in this forum there's a guida but it's not working.
Thanks a lot. Paolo from Italy
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Re: Rom Update + Custom recovery + ROM for B63M

Сообщение Ответ:#2 » LaNoire » 01 янв 2012, 14:14

i know english, but i dont have time to do correct translate, because of this i used google translator.
1) Turn on debugging via USB to configure application-development-debugging on usb
2) connect the cable
3) put the firewood | Direct Link
4) Run the program and pressed the button with the text of ROOT (left button). | Direct Link
5) waited a bit (30-90 seconds) at this time on the phone, you may receive a message stating that the SD-card can be removed, do nothing - waiting
6) Wait for the message of the program. Clicked OK.
7) there was one message. OK again.
8) clicked the right button of the program. It closed.
9) He pulled out and inserted the battery and switched on ...
The menu appeared program "Superuser", "Mobileuncle Tools" and even some cFosSpeed ​​with the characters.
If you have windows 7 and it fails try the following - In the properties of the program to indicate compatibility with win xp sp2 and run as administrator
If this does not help - aktivirovt uchetku superadministratora and out of her run in the properties of the program + specify compatibility with win xp sp2 and run as administrator
If so does not work - the last hope of method 2
Method 2
(Only for WINDOWS)
To obtain root, you should download the archive, extract the contents using WinZIP / WinRAR, navigate to the folder with the contents and run "RUNME.bat"

[*] This will skipt:
(1) root of your device by using zergRush exploit
(2) Set the Busybox (1.18.4)
(3) to SU files (3.0.5)

[*] Before installing, you dlzhny:
(1) Be installed adb drivers on your devaysa
(2) Insert the "USB Debug" clicking on the device (Menu \ Settings \ Applications \ Development)
(3) Allow the "Unknown sources" clicking on the device (Menu \ Settings / Applications)
(4) [Optional] switch the screen timeout to 10 minutes
(5) Connect the USB cable into your phone and computer

AS SOON AS Root GOT to do a full backup according to the instructions: viewtopic.php? P = 393 692 # p393692
Only then can proceed to any manipulation of the telephone

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if you have some qust. about this, ask
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Re: Rom Update + Custom recovery + ROM for B63M

Сообщение Ответ:#3 » debohdeem » 23 апр 2012, 16:49

Can yu also help with the lattest recovery for B63M, I think mine did not come with a recovery mod by default so I cant boot into recovery.
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