need replacement strip

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need replacement strip

Сообщение Ответ:#1 » peace keeper » 29 мар 2014, 04:49


ive cut through the main gold strip that runs under the sticker below battery and now phone wont charge or sound come out of it unless using headset/bluetooth can i get this repaired but its a chinese clone mtk6589 version s4 mini duel sim ive sent photo showing what ive done don't ask as to how this happened lets just say was cutting something with a blade and it cut through it i would be able to repair that strip if it but unable to buy in uk and they wont touch china imitation phones what needs doing ive just been to a shop and its the flex cable for the loud speaker and battery charger im going to get the fulll stats off it now

(( 8064-main fpc(jf)-vol 1 )) thats the part code/number
c r peden
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