My x920 got bricked randomly. Version: e2001v21_v89_zlh_hd

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My x920 got bricked randomly. Version: e2001v21_v89_zlh_hd

Сообщение Ответ:#1 » Voliminal8 » 13 окт 2013, 22:45

Hello guys I got a x920 and was working good until it started doing something similar like Samsung Galaxy S3 Sudden Death.

The phone would randomly get a screen freeze, and the half bottom of the screen got distorted like green and pink lines, then slowly, the pixels were turning to black until the whole screen gets black, but the backlight would remain on.

I had to pull the battery out, and sometimes the phone would work again instantly, some other times, it wouldn't turn on, only after some time, and after a lot of battery pulls.

But last time I got this sudden death, the phone never came back.

I had the stock rom and only root.

My model version is: e2001v21_v89_zlh_hd

Most people with this phone have the e2001_v89_zlh_hd, and most roms on are for e2001_v89_zlh_hd, there are a lot of roms for e2001v21_v89_zlh_hd though but I tried everything and I got DRAM Failed.

I use windows 8
SP flash tool v3.1304.0.119, v3.1308.0.125, v3.1316.0.150
And several other roms for both versions.

There is a solution from a French guy about the DRAM failed problem on a youtube video with title: "Star X920E Butterfly DRAM FAILED 4032 SOLUTION - TUTO" but I got the S5 rom downloaded as he stated, and can't get pass the first red bar on SP flash tool.

Do you have any idea what is going on with the 2 versions of the phone? People say that they read on chinese forum that v2.1 (e2001v21_v89_zlh_hd) has got different EMMC. So I guess roms from the e2001_v89_zlh_hd wont work.

I would like to know if you guys have any working rom for my e2001v21_v89_zlh_hd because I really need the phone at the moment. I must get it back to life.

ps (Is windows 8 suitable for flashing? I have installed mtk drviers normally through a weird process enabling manual driver installation through the advanced startup thingy on Windows 8, otherwise it wouldn't let me install the drivers.)

I have tried everything you can see here: forum . xda-developers . com /showthread .php?t=2465984

Is there anyone with this version PLEASE, I would be sooooo grateful, I need to get the preloader.bin from a working phone, but only e2001v21_v89_zlh_hd, via the mtk droid tool, which can make a copy of the preloader.bin on a working phone. Can you please help me?
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My x920 got bricked randomly. Version: e2001v21_v89_zlh_hd

Сообщение Ответ:#2 » sergeln » 18 окт 2013, 17:46

Files for You.
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