Help for a Zophone i5s (scatter addresses)

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Help for a Zophone i5s (scatter addresses)

Сообщение Ответ:#1 » Davy Bartoloni » 20 май 2014, 13:20

Hi to all of this amazing forum!

i've on my hand a ZOphone i5s (april 2014) MT6572 (probably 512 ram) 1Ghz x2 (Not 1.3Ghz)

the dumped rom has this scatter:

PRELOADER 0x00000000
MBR 0x00880000
EBR1 0x00900000
UBOOT 0x025A0000
BOOTIMG 0x02600000
RECOVERY 0x02C00000
SEC_RO 0x03200000
LOGO 0x032C0000
ANDROID 0x03FC0000
CACHE 0x1BBC0000
USRDATA 0x1C2C0000

and all roms i've download (to do some tests... and maybe to find a CWM or carliv recovery have this structure:)

PRELOADER 0x00000000
MBR 0x00600000
EBR1 0x00680000
UBOOT 0x02320000
BOOTIMG 0x02370000
RECOVERY 0x02980000
SEC_RO 0x02F80000
LOGO 0x03040000
ANDROID 0x03D40000
CACHE 0x2C740000
USRDATA 0x43F40000

on this ZOphone (it's a ZOPHONE?)
all adresses are different and i can't find any ROM that fits on this device... (all ROMS are displaing NO LIGHTED SCREEN.. or maybe pressing UP/DOWN voleume the torch light starts)

just my UBOOT and BOOTIMAGE are working.. (some times.. when i replace my UBOOT and BOOTIMAGE on goophone/thunderbird/mi5s ROMS.. the CHARGING IMAGE is different from the stock... but no SIGNS OF LIFE...)

i've tried EVERY RECOVERY i've FOUND on the WEB ( XDA and RU sites ) but .. nothing.. no one are workign on my device... (I've tried to create a recovery using standard tools but nothing)

there is a way to adapt a different rom for my MBR/EBR/UBOOT/BOOTIMG configuration?

thank you in advance for any help...

this is my scatter: ww. wcn . it / scatterzophonei5s042014.txt

the i5s model displayed on the dial screen is : a131mw_bs[2014/02/13]

my recovery is: ww . wcn . it /

the files system i think is not a UBIFS... because there are some EXT4 partitions...

scatter image:
ww . wcn . it / zoPhonei5s-new.jpg

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Help for a Zophone i5s (scatter addresses)

Сообщение Ответ:#2 » Bartoloni Davy » 04 июн 2014, 19:26

i've found some infos about my smartphone
the LCD driver is 1-otm8009_cmd_mt6572m ... so the CPU is the Mediatek MT6572M

the paritition type is EXT+YAFFS

i wrote a simple utility called ScatterAnalyzer.exe that display infos about scatter

now i'have built a CWM recovery and a CarliV touch recovery (only upper of screen can be used for touch)
and an deodexed ROM flahable by CWM..

but for now .. the smartphone is LAGGY...
there is a simple way to place a STOCK ANDROID.. or LEWA... on MT6572M ?
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Bartoloni Davy
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