firmware for Flying i5

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firmware for Flying i5

Сообщение Ответ:#1 » Grozniyx » 21 фев 2014, 06:39

hi, I need firmware for my i5, as he worked for only a week, then I fail to flash, test Point found it but the problem is that I did not last backup firmware, if there is anyone ever ask to share contact me possible by email: My phone is as follows:

Hardware: MT6577
Model: 5I
Build Number: ALPS.ICS2.MP.V1.9
Build time UTC: 20130320-080425
Android-V: 4.0.4
Baseband V: MAUI.11AMD.W12.22.SP.V9.P2, 2012/12/26 15:53
Kernel V: 3.0.13 (user @ qs26) (GCC version 4.4.3 (GCC)) # 1 SMP Wed March 20 15:56:54 CST 2013

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