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Сообщение Ответ:#1 » the_jazz » 29 окт 2013, 21:23

Hello good people,

I am desperate. I bought a tablet in Tenerife, which was working fine until 3 months ago. Now it turns, starts to boot, but stays on the LOGO and...nothing. Recovery does work, but even after data restore, clean cache and media - still the same problem. I`ll save you the whole process of giving it back to the seller, telling me he can do nothing etc, etc. So i decided to take the matter into my hands. Unfortunately i didn`t quite know what i`m getting myself into. Apparently this tablet is a mystery for the whoooooooooole gooooooooogle and many many forums as well.
So, some technical data first:
- The brand of the tablet is SARPIXELS TP793G, 7 inch tablet (which brand do not have any support)
- From the inside is a motherboard EM79_PM3 with CPU Amlogic AML 8726-m3 and a 3g module huawei MU509 (emdoor site didn`t help me as well)

Please, if you have any information or firmware or rom or anything that could help me re-flash it, please, answer this begging thread. It is officially 3 months now that i`m struggling with this tablet.
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