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Elephone Customer service hahahaaha... The company did not honour their warranty and then tried to extort more money from me to fix the problem I told them about.

SIM holder so unreliable the phone is not fit for purpose.
SDCard in same slot same unreliable problem.
NFC no good for android pay.
Fingerprint reader... rubbish.
Cameras quality.. quickly gave up using it to get family pics relying on wife's phone instead.
Tried among for a refund after about 4 days... Elephone stalled, prevaricated, fobbed me off and basically said no.
9 months in screen started to come off.
Other issues aside...
Returned to to company under warranty.
2 months of chasing they admitted possession.
Then attempted to extort another $50 to repair it.
Total. Over 60 emails to the company, many not answered, had to resort to translation software to enhance chance of reply.
They avoided honoring warranty.
They still have my phone and have taken my money.
I have had to resort to contacting Chinese government agencies including the SAIC, the Chinese Embassy in the UK, the Chinese Overseas Association and indeed any other agency that might be able to represent and protect my consumer rights.

As yet still unresolved...
Avoid this company and buy from someone else
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