Blu Studio 5.3 stoped, i need firmware

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Blu Studio 5.3 stoped, i need firmware

Сообщение Ответ:#1 » Reynaldopos » 06 апр 2012, 23:42


i accidentally deleted the "vold.fstab" archive for internal memory in " System /etc" past, using root explorer. I was trying to change the internal memory to external memory after Root the smartphone.

After deleted vold.fstab, the Smarthone doesn't recognizes the SDcard..

all the backups app there was in Sdcard using " Titanium backup" , so how the sdcard doesnt recognizes , i can't install the " titanium backup and vold.stab and root explore " anymore... When i try to install i see the frase " There isnt exists SdCard"

in desperate, i uninstalled the Android from the smartphone.

Now, the smartphone starts in the inicial page " Blu" massage and stop in this situation.

Dear Friend or others friends , do you know how i recovery this original android firmeware or where i search for the " Recovery buttons" or in preference " Blu studio 5.3 firmeware android 2.3.5" to re-install?

which program i use to recovery this phone? i use the same oneclick that i did the root in the beginning?

Please, someone help me if could...

and, as i changed the recognizes "blu" to appears like " HTC Desire" in google apps, i can't do ROOt or UNROOT with oneclick program because my Blu is recognizes as HTC.

sorry my poor english to explain, i hope you understand my error.

someone knows where i found a Blu Studio 5.3 firmware ? or, what i do ?
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Re: Blu Studio 5.3 stoped, i need firmware

Сообщение Ответ:#2 » KSAT » 07 апр 2012, 00:27

Reynaldopos писал(а):someone knows where i found a Blu Studio 5.3 firmware ? ... %23p521218
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