A7272+\W7272 problem with SW + trackpad

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A7272+\W7272 problem with SW + trackpad

Сообщение Ответ:#1 » chlapec10 » 13 май 2012, 01:31

Hi all

I am interested if anyone can help regarding A7272+\W7272 phone, I have 2 problems

1, the optical mouse / trackpad doesn't work, the button on it works as a Back button

2, no Google play / Market on the phone(also no maps, but gmail IS there), so I can't download apps, when I manually downloaded the APK, the market crashed after running

I recieved the phone today, from Dealextreme, I tried restarting also factory restoring... nothing helped :(

I understand there is a dicussion here: http://forum.china-iphone.ru/viewtopic.php?t=18464 I am thinking of trying to load the firmware, but I have no Idea how...

Thanks / Спасибо :)

Posted after 10 hours 50 minutes 9 seconds:

I managed to download and install firmware from a german china phone site (http://chinamobiles.org/downloads.php?do=file&id=606)
Google apps including market work now... but the optical mouse / trackpad still doesnt....

I also have a feeling that the touchscreen is less responsive, for example I have to push buttons twice to do the operation,

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